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review example from Wattle Designs

How to Respond to Negative Reviews | Tips for a Small Business

If you own a small business, you might well dread getting a bad review, but this list of tips should help you when it happens.

Jo Maghoo
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free wall art from wattle designs

How to Get Free Wall Art Prints

Why pay for wall art prints when you can get them for FREE? Follow our links to get yourself some fab new instant download art without paying a penny.
Jo Maghoo
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What Are Some Motivational Sayings?

What Are Some Motivational Sayings?

A selection of some of the best motivational phrases to give you that daily boost.
Jo Maghoo
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40 reasons why I love you print

100 Reasons Why I Love You | The Ultimate Ideas List

Over 100 ideas for reasons why you love someone, to help create a unique personalised gift. A helpful list of reasons which you can adapt to describe your own friend or partner.
Jo Maghoo
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Top 5 Personalised Greetings Cards

Top 5 Personalised Greetings Cards

The top 5 reasons to create a personalised greetings card and beautiful cards to match every occasion.
Jo Maghoo
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Anniversary Gifts by Year

Anniversary Gifts by Year

Marriage is one of the most important and exciting relationships in life. It's a unique bond that can only be sustained by continual effort on both sides. In order for your marriage to thrive, it's essential that you keep it healthy with thoughtful gestures and gifts that show your significant other how much you care about them. Anniversary presents are symbolic of your love for one another, so don't just buy something off Amazon—go big or go home!

1st Year Anniversary Gift: Paper

In the first year of marriage, paper is often a symbol of new beginnings. In this case, you might want to get your spouse-to-be some paper that they can use to make something. Here are some ideas: a paper airplane kit a paper chain kit a book of blank pages with instructions on how to make various things out of them (a paper doll, for example) an origami book that includes instructions on how to make flowers and other 3D objects. 

At Wattle Designs we have tonnes of anniversary gifts that are paper as you would expect! Click here to view our anniversary gifts!

2nd Year Anniversary Gift: Cotton

Cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift, and for good reason. It's a symbol of love and unity, as well as growth and fertility. Cotton is a renewable resource that grows from the ground—it's one of humankind's earliest cultivated crops! You can celebrate your commitment to each other by gifting cotton-based items with this meaning behind them: Blankets Pillows T-Shirts.

We have a best second wedding anniversary gifts blog post all around our best second anniversary gifts. Read more here. 

3rd Year Anniversary Gift: Leather

If you're looking for a classic, versatile gift that can be used for years to come, you may want to consider leather. It's a traditional third anniversary gift and has a number of associations that make it an excellent choice: Durability. Leather is durable and long-lasting. Strength & Success. Many people associate the color black with strength and success (think the color of Darth Vader’s suit), which makes it an ideal material for accessories like wallets and belts that are worn every day by your partner or significant other.

Wealth & Status/Elegance. In our world today, leather is often associated with wealth and status; think of pricey designer shoes or handbags made from this material! Buying a piece of leather gear such as luggage or slippers will show your loved one how much you value their time together—and how much longer the relationship might last!

leather anniversary gift bag and watch

4th Year Anniversary Gift: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk

For your fourth anniversary, the traditional gift is fruit and flowers. However, you can also get creative and give your partner a gift of linen or silk. 5th Year: Wood For the fifth anniversary, wood is the traditional gift. Wood is symbolic of strength and stability, making it a great choice for your fifth anniversary. You can get wood art as a gift, or you can make your own wood gift by carving your initial into a piece of wood and giving it to your significant other. You can also buy many different kinds of wooden furniture—it's one of those gifts that has endless possibilities! See our personalised floral gift cards here. 

floral wedding date card

6th Year Anniversary Gift: Candy or Iron

If you're on the fence about what to get your sixth-anniversary partner, consider an iron or a box of candy. Both are traditional gifts for the sixth anniversary, and both are sweet. Iron is a metal, and candy is made from sugar—so they're both kind of like chocolate, which is another common gift for this milestone. And if you're into puns, they also both have "six" in their name: iron and candy!

The sixth year has long been known as an auspicious one—because it's divisible by two (and three!) numerically significant numbers: 1+2+3 = 6! Couples often celebrate their sixteenth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows or going on vacation together; but if those aren't options for you right now and your relationship has been feeling less than stellar lately anyway (or perhaps even if it hasn't), then maybe just giving each other something small will be enough to brighten up your day without breaking any bank accounts open.

7th Year Anniversary Gift: Copper, Wool, or Brass

As the seventh year of marriage approaches, you might have already begun to think about what gift to give your spouse. If so, it may be tempting to reach for something traditional and expected. But there’s no reason why you can’t still surprise them with a lovely gift that also reflects their personal taste and interests. Here are some unique anniversary gifts by year: The seventh anniversary is traditionally associated with copper, wool, and brass—all symbols of love and loyalty. Copper is said to represent the warmth of a home and our relationship when it's at its strongest; wool represents comfort; while brass signifies prosperity! If any of these apply to your relationship then these beautiful gifts would make delightful additions to your home or wardrobe!

This image comes from the Spruce website here

8th Year Anniversary Gift: Bronze or Pottery

Bronze, a metal alloy that typically consists of copper, tin and zinc (though there are other variants), is traditionally given as an eighth anniversary gift. Pottery, a ceramic material made from clay and plastic, is also often chosen for an eight-year anniversary gift.

9th Year Anniversary Gift: Pottery or Willow

The ninth year is a time of celebration, and a pottery or willow gift can be an apt symbol for the occasion. Willow is a plant that represents long life, so it's perfect for a wedding anniversary. Shop Willow gifts here

Pottery is linked to fertility, which makes it ideal for couples trying to start or expand their family. If you choose pottery as your ninth-year gift, make sure you choose something practical like dishes or bowls that can be used every day by your friends or family members. If they don't have any of these items yet in their home (or if they need an upgrade), then this could be just what they need!

Willow leaf print for willow anniversary

10th Year Anniversary Gift: Tin, Aluminum, and Diamond Jewelry

10th Anniversary: Tin, Aluminum and Diamond Jewelry Tin is a soft, malleable metal that is resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is a light, strong metal that has good thermal and electrical conductivity. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. These three elements come together to create amazing jewelry for your 10-year anniversary! You can find a great list of 10th anniversary gifts here

11th Year Anniversary Gift: Steel and Fashion Jewelry

The 11th year is the year of the sheep, which means a lot to you both. You met in college, and your relationship was built on mutual interests and respect. You've been together for eight years now, but it feels like yesterday that you first laid eyes on each other. As couples get older, it can be difficult to find gifts that express how much their partner means to them—especially when there are so many anniversaries between the traditional two-year mark and 20th wedding anniversary! So instead of stressing over what kind of gift would be appropriate this year, why not settle on something quick and easy? A fashion jewelry piece is exactly that: It's something fun that shows off your personality while also expressing what kind of person he/she is. They'll love opening up their present and knowing that you took time out of your day just to make them smile!

12th Year Anniversary Gift: Silk and Linen

For the 12th anniversary, silk and linen are traditional gifts. Silk denotes the tenderness of your love; linen represents the strength of your commitment. This is a great time to get creative with your gift-giving by making a quilt out of silk and linen fabrics, or embroidering a message onto an existing piece that you have at home. You could also go for something more traditional—like a new pair of sheets or bedding—that would represent both elements equally as well—with one being softer than the other! Cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift.

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Best second wedding anniversary gifts

Best second wedding anniversary gifts

Introduction | 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

You've just celebrated your two-year anniversary with your partner, and you're looking for a way to show how much you love them. You want a gift that's romantic and shows you appreciate their hard work over the years, but with so many different options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. In this guide, we'll outline some creative yet practical ideas for second wedding anniversary gifts and show you just how easy it can be to find something perfect!

Cotton Custom Print

For the 2nd anniversary, you can give your spouse a custom print made by Wattle Designs. This is one of the best second wedding anniversary gifts to give your partner because it will make them feel special and cherished. The custom print will be something that they can enjoy every day and will remind them of how precious their relationship is to you.

The customisations are very flexible so if you want to add some just get in touch and we can add any text or additional art to the print. It's important not to overdo it with words—just keep it short and sweet so that everyone knows just how much you love them!

Click here to go to our custom cotton print! 

second anniversary wedding gift

A personalized photo album

If you're looking for a gift that's truly unique, then a personalized photo album will make the perfect second wedding anniversary gift. The idea is simple: fill the photo album with photos of the two of you—from your first date to that time you saved each other from drowning in some random lake at age 7 (true story). If there are certain events or people that are important to your relationship, add those too! You can also add photos from each other's childhoods and past relationships. The only limit is your imagination—and how many photos fit in an album!

Cotton pajamas

If you're looking for a gift that is easy to wear, comfortable and a great way to show your partner that you care, cotton pajamas are a perfect choice. Pajamas are also an excellent choice because they can be worn both on their own or as part of a set.

In addition to being practical and comfortable, cotton pajamas are available in many different styles and designs so there’s sure to be something that fits your needs perfectly!

cotton pjs

Couple's luggage tags

Luggage tags are a great gift for a second anniversary because they'll be useful for couples who love to travel together. If you have one partner who is more of an adventurer and another that likes to stay at home, getting them both luggage tags could show them that you remember their preferences and will keep them in mind when you're planning future trips. It's also a nice way to remind each other of your anniversary every time you use those luggage tags!

A cotton or linen blanket

If you’re looking for a second anniversary gift that will keep your partner cozy and warm all winter long, consider a cotton or linen blanket.

A cotton blanket is made from 100% cotton fibers and can be found in many different styles, including solid colors and patterns (stripes or checks). Linen blankets are made from flax fibers, which are considered to be more durable than cotton because they have less lint. A benefit of linen over other fabrics is that it absorbs moisture better than other materials such as silk or polyester. That means if you spill something on your new linen comforter, it will dry quickly instead of smelling like mildew later on down the road!

Cotton handkerchiefs with a monogrammed initial

A handkerchief with a monogrammed initial is a perfect choice for a second wedding anniversary gift. Handkerchiefs can be found in a variety of colors, from classic white to blush pink. You can choose from many different styles when it comes to the font lettering and even have options for how you would like your initials to appear (name first or last).

A cotton dress

  • A cotton dress is a great gift for a second anniversary. Cotton is soft and comfortable, and it's also breathable. This makes it an ideal choice for warm weather and casual wear.

  • You can even get creative with your dresses! If you have some sewing skills, you can create your own unique design from scratch or make alterations to one of her existing garments to make it more personalized.

Conclusion | Best second cotton anniversary gifts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best second wedding anniversary gifts. If there are other ideas that we haven’t covered, be sure to let us know in the comments below! If you want to take a look at some of our other prints please feel free, follow this link, to go to all of our custom prints. 

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Our Top Custom Anniversary Prints

Our Top Custom Anniversary Prints

Here at Wattle Designs, we have custom anniversary prints, they are the perfect gift for those looking for something extra special this year. From simple quote prints to first dance lyrics prints and cotton canvas art. All of your prints are completely customisable to pretty much anything you like, we can change the entire text, font, and colours as well as print size and frames. Have a look at our Anniversary Print collection here!

These personalised custom wedding prints are the perfect couple’s gift. They are easy to create and customise, just select the size and materials and get in touch with the customisations you want.

How to order and customise your Custom Anniversary Prints

1. Purchase the print in your preferred size and print surface.

2. Email me your lyrics info@wattledesigns.co.uk or add a note to your order.
If you would like to add names and a special date then please send it as well.

3. I will message you proof within 24 to 48 hours to get your approval before it’s packaged and shipped. If you need me to make any changes to the designs at this point, then I am happy to do so.

You can also change the font, and colour and make it either portrait or landscape, just make sure you let me know!
There are a few font choices in the photos but if you have something specific in mind just ask.

There may be a few days delay in shipping if there are multiple amendments to the print.

You can choose from the following formats and sizes:

– A4 (21cm x 29cm) printed on a high-quality card and sent through the post

– A3 (29cm x 41cm) printed on a high-quality card and sent through the post

My prints are printed onto 230gsm cardstock (or 100% cotton canvas if you choose that option at checkout).

Prints will be carefully packaged for you in a protective cellophane sleeve and either inside a board-backed envelope or a cardboard tube for larger sizes. FREE DELIVERY TO THE UK.

All items are dispatched within 1-3 working days.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to help wherever possible.

Please note *THE FRAMES ARE NOT INCLUDED link below, where you can find many more pictures.

Custom Song Lyric Print

This custom anniversary print allows you to change the text to whatever you like. You might want to change the text to your wedding vows, or a special wedding speech, or a special song that means a lot to you and your partner. With this print, you can change pretty much any aspect of it, so make sure you get in touch with the customisation you want.

This print is perfect for a friend or loved one that just got married, or if you are celebrating a special wedding anniversary. Of course, this print doesn’t have to be a wedding anniversary gift, it could just be a great gift for yourself or a friend with a poem, quote or song lyric they love! Take a look at the print here

custom wedding gift

Take Me To Bed Quote Print

Take me to Bed quote print is a cheeky print that is a great gift for newly weds, or a loved one. It goes perfectly for bedrooms or guestrooms. With this design you can choose the font, the size and whether you want it digitally sent to you or just printed or both! Either way you get a super high quality custom print that is perfect for any bedroom!

View the print here.

Anniversary Prints

Custom Poem Print, Bespoke Poem Wall Art

This beautiful print shows your own custom poem, print, song or any wording along with the title or more text along the side. This is a great custom design, perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift. We get a lot of enquires about getting these wall prints with custom songs from people’s weddings or celebrations. If it is your loved ones birthday then why not get their favourite song or poem on this print. It looks beautiful and it makes a perfect custom gift.

Made to order with your own poem, book extract, song lyric and anything else to make a totally unique gift!

This listing is for a completely customisable print. I’m happy to accommodate whatever it is you’d like to say in print form. View the print here

poem custom wedding print

The Art of Marriage Poem Print | 1st 2nd Wedding Anniversary

The Art of Marriage is a poem by Wilferd Arlan, it’s a popular and simple poem that is very popular with those looking for a simple and sweet poem at their wedding. This poem has been around for decade and is one of the most popular readings ever since it was written in 1961.

These custom anniversary prints are available in three different designs/fonts, so make sure you have a proper look at everything available here. The design has a beautiful image of a magnolia in the corner. The print can be customised with the names of the Bride and Groom, or the wedding date. It’s perfect for wedding gift for friends or family.

This print makes a perfect gift for a wedding or 1st Anniversary (printed on paper or card) or second anniversary (printed on cotton canvas). View the custom print here. 

art of marriage custom poem

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift, Cotton Flowers Printed on Cotton Canvas

Traditionally the second wedding anniversary is to give you partner something made of cotton. If you are following this tradition it can be a little hard to find an exciting gift made from cotton, so you often need to get very creative. The meaning is said to be around comfort and strength, which is what you should have developed in your marriage after two years! Others say that it means strength because of how the fibers of the cottons hold together.

We have put together this beautiful image of a cotton flower to as the perfect gift for a second wedding anniversary. It’ even on a cotton canvas so it’s the perfect gift if you are looking for something a little extra special for your second wedding anniversary. View the custom print here. 

second anniversary print

Together They Built A Life They Loved Quote Print, Personalised Anniversary Print

The “Together they built a lift they loved” personalised quote print, is the perfect gift for an anniversary or wedding. It looks great in any bedroom or living for those who love personalised quotes. It’s unknown what the origin of this quote is but it is often used to show a loved one their soft side. After all, who doesn’t want to build a life with the person you love?

This quote and design can be personalized in any number of ways, you can add a number or date to the print, change the font and colour. Just sent us an email with your design thoughts and we can get you a completely custom design. View the custom print here. 

wedding gift print

Our range of custom anniversary prints is great for those looking for something extra special this year as a gift or for those soon attending a wedding!

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Best Custom Pictures or Prints for Children's Bedrooms

Best Custom Pictures or Prints for Children's Bedrooms

Whether you are decorating your first nursery or redesigning your kid’s bedroom, custom prints for children’s bedrooms are a great way to bring it to life and give it that personal feel. Prints and pictures are a great way to affordably update a room’s look and feel. Don’t know where to look for custom kids prints? We’ve put together a list of our favourite customisable prints and pictures for kids.

All of these print are fully customisable, so you can get in touch with us at Wattle Design's to change any aspect of the design. 

The World Is Waiting For You Quote Print, Map Art

Our “The World is Waiting for your Quote Print” is perfect if you love adventure. Maybe your kid loves to experience new things and run around with friends. Perfect for would-be explorers. Perfect for a nursery bedroom, backpacker leaving gift, graduation gift, first birthday and so much more! This travel-themed quote is backed onto a printed map of Europe. These have a blue/green tinge to them and look like vintage maps.

The world is your kid’s oyster! It will inspire them to get out there, when they are a bit older and explore the world. Printed on High Quality 230g cardstock. Comes in sizes: A4 (21cm x 29cm) or A3 (29cm x 41cm).

Click here to get yours. 

travel kids print

Travel Quote Print, Adventure Travel, Travel Companion Present

Another travel quote printed with the world illustrated beautifully. It really gives a sense of Wanderlust (“a strong desire to travel”), your child’s bedroom will look brighter and filled with joy with this colourful bit of art. This bit of art gives the impression it’s been painted using watercolour, the text travels around the world just like the prospective traveller.

This travel quote picture is printed on High Quality 220g canvas paper using a professional printer. It can be printed in size A4 (21cm x 29cm to fit any standard 8″x10″ frame) or A3 (29cm x 41cm).

Click here to get yours. 

world travel kids print

Ice Cream Art Print, Peace Love and Ice Cream

Peace, love and ice cream! A fun, bright ice cream print for any modern home. Great as Art for your Kitchen, playroom decor, or perhaps as colourful wall art for a child’s nursery or bedroom. These ice creams are beautifully illustrated with lots of bright colours and the font works beautifully. This would work great in a kid’s bedroom but also in a kitchen next to the ice creams!

Click here to get yours

ice cream custom print

Personalised Baby Elephant Gift, New Baby Print

This fully customisable print is perfect for a newborn or young baby, it’s a great gift for a christening, first birthday or just a gift for welcoming a baby into this world. At Wattle Design we can completely customise a print, but for this one specifically, we recommend you customise, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Full Names, Weight, Time of Birth plus any other information you wish to be added. The choice is yours! You can even remove or add additional bits of info. The elephants are colourful and give a great idea of family and togetherness. The text is easy to read so the kids can always read and remember about themselves, their brothers or their sister.

Click here to get yours. 

elephant customisable print

Angel Wings Print, Rainbow Baby, Bereavement Gift

This angel wings print has been designed as a special keepsake to mark the birth of a baby, loss of a child or any special person in your life. Every print is made to order. I work closely with all of my customers to ensure that they are totally happy with their bespoke print. As well as adding the name of your baby, I can also add a birth date or any special words or message underneath to personalise your print. Just let me know how I can help and I will make it happen.

This print works beautifully as a Bereavement wall print, maybe you’ve lost a baby or had a miscarriage, we are here to support you and help just a little bit in any way we can. The wings represent a loved one going up to heaven. Or you could interpret this as your kid is an angle and you want a lovely keepsake to remember the day of their birth.

Click here to get yours. 

kids Bereavement print

Customisable Dyslexia Friendly Quote Prints, Einstein Education Quote Print

As said by Einstein, “Everybody is a genius”. This range of prints is designed with the needs of people with dyslexia in mind but will make them easier on the eye for everyone. They were designed following guidance from the British Dyslexia Association. How is this Dyslexia friendly? San serif fonts to make letters appear less crowded, in a large font size, aligned to the left. Single colour backgrounds with no patterns, pictures or distracting surrounds. Sufficient contrast levels between background and text. Dark coloured text on a light (not white) background. Matt paper rather than gloss and thick card. Each quote uses short, simple but meaningful sentences.

The print is available in four different colours and 3 different paper sizes. It’s important to recognise Dyslexia in kids as it helps enable children to access life-changing support. Dyslexic students learn very differently from other students, and really must be taught differently in order to help them maximise their potential.

Click here to get yours

Dyslexia Friendly Quote Prints

Game On Quote Print, Games Room Art Print

This colourfully print tends to appeal to boys but it’s perfect for any kid’s bedroom that loves to play games. This is great for video game lovers or kids that love playing any kind of game. The print is fully customisable so you can change the colour to match the kid’s personality. You can even change the text to say anything you like, so if you like the design please feel free to get in touch and customise it as much as you like!

Click here to get yours.

game on custom print

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Top 10 Custom Prints to have in your home

Top 10 Custom Prints to have in your home

Are you looking to add something more personal to your home? Maybe there is a quote you and your family love that would fit perfectly in your living room. Here at Wattle Designs, we make personalised/custom prints with your own text or images to make your home even more special. Create a completely unique piece of wall art for your home, or make the perfect gift for a loved one. Here are our 10 top custom print to have in your home.

Custom Poem Wall Print

Is there a poem that you and your partner love? Why not get in printed and custom made for your home. Our beautifully made Custom Quote Print, Custom Text Print, lets you add any text to the design. It could be a poem, speech, vows, book extract, love letter, and anything else to make a totally unique gift! Simply choose your size, in this case, A4 or A3 print and then choose the material you want it printed on, Cardstock or 100% Cotton Canvas. Then email us at info@wattledesigns.co.uk or add a note to your order.

If you would like to add names and a special date then please send it as well. You can also change the font, colour and make it either portrait or landscape, just make sure you let me know! Click here to view. 

New Baby, Mountains Custom Wall Art

This is the perfect gift for a friend or family member with a newborn baby or first birthday coming up. With this piece of custom wall art you can add the babies name and date of birth! The perfect gift for a new baby, baptism, first birthday, christening gift, or one for your own child. We can customise the order as much as you like so please get in touch if you want more changes made! This gift will always make a new mother and father happy. Click here to view. 

Personalised Wifi Password Wall Print

A vital custom print for any modern household, the Wifi Password! How many times have you had to hand out the wifi password from that little bit of paper behind the router!? Or the guest has used up all of their mobile data because they are too polite to ask for the wifi password. Those days are over! Simply hang this beautifully designed custom wall print up in your home and any guests or family can just connect. We have 4 designs to choose from for this wall art so just select the style you want when ordering. Be sure to check you have the right password on the order, including special characters and capital letters! Click here to view. 

Family Rules Custom Wall Art

This beautiful custom wall art lets you add your family name to the top and lets you list all the family rules! Perfect for young families, adding rules like “brush your teeth” or “say please and thank you” are the perfect reminder for kids and adults! We can any number of rules to the print and change the wall art in any kind of way so please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can change the font, font size, and make the text say anything you like! Click here to view the product.

Printable Custom Rainbow Wall Art

A simple but beautiful design is the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or kid that needs something to brighten up their home. This custom wall art, allows you to instantly download the art so you can print it at home, this means you get it at a cheaper price and instantly! You can change the text to say “Thank You”, add custom text or have no text at all. The artwork looks beautiful on cream or white walls as well as in any kid’s room. Get yours instantly today! Here's the link. 

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The Basics About Font Styles - Wattle Designs

The Basics About Font Styles

So many fonts... what to choose? Here's a simple guide to what's what.
Jo Maghoo
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Guide to Creating A Unique Custom Art Print - Wattle Designs

Guide to Creating A Unique Custom Art Print


Trends are constantly changing and redecorating your entire home can be really costly, but changing your wall art can be a really effective way to give new life to a dull and dated space with minimal cost. 

At Wattle Designs, my best selling prints are custom prints, made to my customers exact specifications and are usually purchased unframed, which means that customers can repurpose an old frame and save money... and the environment!

So where do you start? 

Most begin with a favourite song lyric or poem, wedding vow or letter, others have a quote that has been meaningful to them over the years, something that gives them a push to get out of bed each day or just that makes them smile. Anything goes!

I have hundreds of commercial font styles which I use to design prints and I carefully match them to the text my customers would like in print. I create a few different proofs to give different style and layout options. I can add images, borders or colour, the possibilities are endless and no two prints are EVER the same. 

Once the proofs have been emailed to the customer, I can then make any changes until the print is 100% perfect for them.

What would you want to say in print form?

If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. You can click on the link below for more details or to begin the journey to create a print of your own. 


Jo Maghoo
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