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Guide to Creating A Unique Custom Art Print - Wattle Designs

Guide to Creating A Unique Custom Art Print


Trends are constantly changing and redecorating your entire home can be really costly, but changing your wall art can be a really effective way to give new life to a dull and dated space with minimal cost. 

At Wattle Designs, my best selling prints are custom prints, made to my customers exact specifications and are usually purchased unframed, which means that customers can repurpose an old frame and save money... and the environment!

So where do you start? 

Most begin with a favourite song lyric or poem, wedding vow or letter, others have a quote that has been meaningful to them over the years, something that gives them a push to get out of bed each day or just that makes them smile. Anything goes!

I have hundreds of commercial font styles which I use to design prints and I carefully match them to the text my customers would like in print. I create a few different proofs to give different style and layout options. I can add images, borders or colour, the possibilities are endless and no two prints are EVER the same. 

Once the proofs have been emailed to the customer, I can then make any changes until the print is 100% perfect for them.

What would you want to say in print form?

If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. You can click on the link below for more details or to begin the journey to create a print of your own. 


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