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free wall art from wattle designs

How to Get Free Wall Art Prints

Art prints can be expensive, but there are lots of ways to get free prints online.

Free printable art has become really popular over the last few years - you don’t have to pay for shipping fees and you can print and frame your new artwork and have it up on your walls in an instant.

Printable art or digital downloads are electronic files that can be downloaded from the internet. They are usually delivered in digital formats, such as PDF or png.

The free art print print below is from LostBumblebee

free orange wall art quote print

There’s no shortage of sites which offer free pintables, it’s just a case of finding prints which will add a little of your personality to each room in your home.

The Met Museum and Nasa Galleries both have public domain images which can be downloaded for free. Unsplash, Pixabay and Freepik both have massive sites and collections of photographs which can be downloaded for free at the click of a button.

This free printable wall art is from Unsplash

black and white photo of a highway

Kaboompics has a really comprehensive collection of photos and I particularly love this one because they allow you to search by colour and even provide you with a complementary palette of colours.

This free digital download is by Freepik

framed picture of pink flowers in a jar

Here at Wattle Designs we have developed a growing range of free digital download prints with some fab freebies. We are a small business with a motto of ‘share the love’ to spread a little joy with or free digital download prints.

be good do good quote print

This free art print is from Wattle Designs

You check out as normal, but there is literally NOTHING to pay at the checkout. Some good things really are free!

How do I print my free printable wall art?

For smaller sizes, you can print it from you home office printer and put it straight into a frame to hang on your wall.

free happiness quote print

Download your free digital download copy here.


Don’t have your own printer? All of our free downloads are also available as prints which are posted to your door worldwide.

For larger oversized prints, you can print from an online printing service like Shutterfly, Vistaprint and Gelato

wine quote poster print

So don’t wait any longer – download your FREE prints today!

everything is going to be alright quote print

Free printable wall art - Everything is going to be alright


I’d prefer to have the art work sent to me via post. I do not mind paying P+P x

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