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The Basics About Font Styles - Wattle Designs

The Basics About Font Styles

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are classic fonts. They are named for the little ‘feet’ at the top and bottom of the letters. Serif fonts are very common in our day to day lives and feature in nearly every book we read or document we open (eg Times New Roman).


Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serifs are fonts that don’t have the little ‘feet’. Sans serif fonts are a clean and modern choice. They are also easy to read in a large range of sizes.


Script Fonts

Script fonts are those that replicate cursive handwriting. They are separated into two categories: formal and casual.

Formal scripts, are the very fanciest scripts. They have the appearance of traditional handwriting, with over the top curls and flourishes that extend from the serif, known as swashes. These are best used for titles on things like titles and short texts.

Casual scripts have far less swashes and are easier to read. They work well for anything with more casual and tend to feel timeless.


Handwritten fonts

These are different from formal or casual scripts because they have less structure than traditional scripts and are much more like actual handwriting. There is a huge range of handwritten fonts from all capital letters to child-like printed styles. They bring a creative, unique touch to prints.


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