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Top 5 Personalised Greetings Cards

Top 5 Personalised Greetings Cards

When a birthday was looming, I used to make a last-minute dash to the local shop to purchase a card and could never quite find the right thing. Or I would buy the perfect card months ahead and then forget I had bought it, only to find it in a ‘safe place’ weeks after the birthday had passed. It was certainly not always an easy experience.

However, times are changing and there are now millions of amazing cards available online which can be personalised to make the perfect card for everyone.

Be Proud Quote Thank you card

By personalising cards for people, you will create something that you’d never be able to find in the shops and all without leaving the comfort of your own home. These cards can then be posted directly to the person of your choice or to your own home for you to gift yourself.

Trends are showing people are choosing to spend more money on a smaller number of personalised cards rather than bulk buying cheap generic ones. Covid lockdowns have meant that staying in touch is now more important than ever and the greetings card industry is growing.

Thanks to the growth of social media, people are more aware of birthdays, graduations, engagements than ever before as reminders and alerts pop up on Facebook and other platforms. This gives the less organised among us no excuse to forget an occasion.

special date card

Cards are becoming more eco, using FSC certified card and compostable packaging, so there’s no excuse not to send one.

So, if you can quickly and easily create a personalised card online, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect card today. Here are the top 5 occasions to shop for.

1. Thank you cards. One of the most popular since they cover a wide range of occasions such as after a birthday party, wedding, new baby and graduation. I still keep thank you cards from many years ago, which from time to time I get out and re-read to myself and they always make me smile. 

thank you card 

2. Birthday cards. Every year, without fail, we all get another year older and whether we choose to celebrate or commiserate that event, it’s usually marked with a card. Why not make it personal?  Add names, ages or even little messages to make the card unique to you and the recipient. 

60th birthday card

3. Personalised wedding cards. Weddings are planned with precision and cards form a part of that with cards given to bridesmaids, groomsmen and of course to the happy couple. They can be made to match your wedding stationary or have the wedding date and venue as a mini keepsake. Not to mention more thank you cards!

floral wedding card

4. Special date cards. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, new baby or pretty much any occasion, there’s a special date worth remembering and celebrating. These cards are personal, simple to create and make beautiful keepsakes when repurposed in a frame.

new home card with green leaves

5. Valentines Day. Sales in this market grew by an astounding 32% in 2020. What used to be a predominately US market is spreading worldwide. We all like to feel loved and what a lovely way to do it, with a personalised card.

football themed birthday card

…and of course I haven’t even mentioned Christmas!😉

Sometimes cards are lovely to create just to say you care or to help someone through a tough time. One way or another, they are making a comeback and personalisation is the way forward. What will yours say?

Create your own personalised card today at Wattle Designs.

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