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About Wattle Designs

Welcome to Wattle Designs!

I began this venture whilst living in Australia as an 'at home Mum' of two beautiful little boys. I wanted a project to keep my creative juices flowing, but which allowed me to stay at home with my babies.

I loved decorating my children's bedrooms with art work which was unique and personal and soon friends began asking me to make prints for their home too.....and so Wattle Designs was born!

Originally a Primary School Teacher, I've always loved the creative side of my job and so while the boys slept during the day I used my time to research ideas for new pictures to make and design them from my laptop.

As my boys grow (all too quickly!) I have been able to dedicate more time to my growing collection of prints and developing my website. We are now based in the U.K, having moved back to bring the boys closer to our extended family, and I work from my home studio, tucked away in the beautiful Suffolk Countryside.

Why the name Wattle Designs? The Wattle Tree is the floral emblem of Australia and is suited to withstand droughts, wind and bush fires. They say the resilience of the Wattle represents the spirit of the Australian people and it seemed to be a perfect fit for a small business too.

Many thanks for visiting Wattle Designs. Remember that ALL of my designs can be personalised just for YOU, so do message with your requests and questions. I love to create custom orders. I'm always happy to help!

Happy Browsing!
P.S If you buy a print and display it somewhere, do tag me on Instagram @wattledesigns
I would love to see your purchase hanging in its new home!