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A4 Solid Timber Custom Made Oak Frame


*UK shipping only for framed prints

Available in 3 colours: white, black or natural oak.

Crafted from solid timber, this custom-made A4 frame will be the perfect addition to your home. Expertly designed in a timeless style, display your artwork in a stunning frame that celebrates its beauty and is made to last

You can have ANY print from my website framed and posted directly to you. Simply purchase this frame along with whichever print you like and I will put them together for you.

My frames are beautiful, simple, white frames to suit any style of decor.
*Solid Timber                                                                                                               *Custom Made
*British Made
*Glass front
*Bright White Mount
*Hooks attached, ready for hanging.

A4 frames are glass fronted and framed personally by me in my home studio.

They will be posted to you cushioned inside a custom foam lined slider box.

Please note that ALL prints can be framed from my website, in A4 sizes.