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40 reasons why I love you print

100 Reasons Why I Love You | The Ultimate Ideas List

‘Reasons Why I love you’ ideas

Personalised gifts are really special because they show how much you care about someone and that you appreciate what makes them unique.

These ‘Reasons why I love you’ prints are very popular as for friends, partners, parents, children and pretty much anyone you love. They are guaranteed to bring an instant smile to anyone's face and be read and re-read many, many times. 

They can be made for any age/number of reasons, but the older you are, the more reasons you need to think of. I love my family and friends dearly, but sometimes it can be hard to think of 50 different reasons, so I have created a list of over 100 ideas to give you a little inspiration if you need it.

Read on to find some which might work for you...

 reasons why I love you personalised print

You are totally trustworthy

You always know the right thing to say

You bring out the best in me

You’re intelligent and thoughtful

You listen to my stupid stories

You encourage me to do things I might not otherwise try

You do little things for me without being asked

You never fail to make me smile and laugh

I feel strong with you by my side

I love you because you like my cooking.

You always say what’s on your mind

You can admit when you’re wrong

You always look on the bright side.

I love it when you dance like nobody’s watching.

You take care of me when I’m ill

You create fun surprises

I love your eyes when you smile

You know when I’m upset and try and cheer me up

You always listen to my problems.

When something great happens you’re the first person I want to call

reasons we love you print

You love my family and spend time with them

We never run out of things to say

You make me feel good about myself

You give great compliments

You make me so happy

I can talk to you about anything

You can talk to me about anything

You’re always up for an adventure.

You know how to turn my bad day around.

You always help me celebrate the good things that happen to me.

You provide for our family

You hold my hand when we’re walking

We can talk about everything for hours.

You talk nicely to me and about me

You remember important dates

You include me in your life

You find my ‘quirks’ lovable

I love the way you look at me.

Our little private jokes

I love your body

You know how to make me smile.

I love your sense of family and your dedication to the ones you love.

You are kind and generous

You always have my back

You make me feel good about myself

You like to surprise me with little things

I like that you are always on my mind.

I love you because even when we are apart, I know you are with me.

We share a passion for traveling.

I love you because whenever I am in your arms, I feel true happiness.

You buy such thoughtful gifts

We share the same passions.

Reasons I love you personalised print options

We always have fun together.

You accept my family and friends… even the crazy ones.

You make me feel better when I’m in doubt.

You are always the voice of reason

You never judge and always try to understand me.

You know my tastes and know how to please me.

You are always ready for new adventures.

I love how you always help others

I love you because we never get bored when we are together.

You are such a good cook.

You want the best for us.

I love that I am always smiling when I wake up by your side.

You are my best audience.

I love you for everything you inspire me.

I love you because you truly believe in me.

I love you because I know I can confide in you.

You take me to great places

You are crazy silly cute with our kids

You try to better our relationship

I love your great mood and your optimism.

I know I can trust you whatever the situation.

You always keep your promises

I love you because everything seems brighter around you.

You accept my anger and sadness.

You teach me, unconditional love.

I love the way our hands fit together so perfectly.

You love my body the way it is.

I love you because you let me be weird without judging me.

I can be myself with you

You are never bored of me, even when I am bored of myself.

I love how we form a great team.

You inspire me to be a better person every day.

I love you because we have created a whole new world together.

You put up with my crazy family

You accept me for me

You allow me to stay at home with our children

You kiss my forehead

40 reasons why I love you print

I think you’re as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

I love you because you always laugh at my jokes even when they are terrible.

You always value my opinion.

I love you because you remember so many little details of our story.

You are always ready to defend me and stand by my side.

I love you because you know me so well that I do not have to talk to express my feelings.

I love you because when we are together, silence is never uncomfortable.

I love you because I know I can be myself with you.

I love you for your tenderness.

You are great at making up after a fight.

I love you because you want to build your future with me.

You want to know my dreams and help me achieve them.

You are a hard worker.

I love you because you are my rock.

I love your smell

You are always courting me, even after years of relationship.

I love our morning cuddles.

You are an amazing parent to our kids

You can make me smile for no reason

You send me flowers for no reason

You can see the best in me

You cook the best Spaghetti

reasons I love you print

You always come up with crazy things to do

You never forget important days

You always want to be close to me

You send me random texts

You put your family first

You’ll watch girly shows with me

You are always my shoulder to cry on

You push me to do my best

You can make decisions when I can’t

You are not afraid to be silly

You can always calm me down

You make me feel safe

You make great barbecue

You are not afraid of what others think

You are always working hard

You let me sleep in on the weekends

You always kiss me goodnight

You don’t mind when I don’t cook dinner

You’re proud to have me as your wife

You read to the kids every night

You try to fix everything around the house

You hold me when you are sleeping

You always stand by my side

reasons I love you personalised print

You take time to call just to say hi

You are perfectly imperfect

You are my best friend.

I love your personality.

I love how we can talk all night long and never run out of things to say.

You make me laugh like no one else can.

You make my heart melt with just a look from across the room.

I would do anything for you, and trust you with my life anytime.

You are always there for me.

You know how to make me feel better when I’m down.

You are a good listener, and you always have the right words of encouragement for me.

You are a great cook, and I love your food.

You always know how to make me feel better when I’m upset about something.

Our time together is never wasted, and I can always rely on you for support no matter what life throws at us.

I love your kind heart.

I am proud to be with you.

I love how I can use you as my pillow on the couch.

I love to cuddle with you while watching our favourite TV show, movie, or even YouTube video (maybe of cats).

You are an amazing mother/father to our children (if applicable).

You always help me out when I need it most.

You make me feel like I can do anything when you believe in me.

The sound of your voice is music to my ears.

You are everything to me, and I am truly blessed because I get the chance to spend each day with someone as wonderful as you.

I think about you nonstop.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I am so proud when people ask who my partner is because when they hear it’s you, their face lights up with a smile from ear to ear.

You are very understanding and supportive of my goals, dreams and aspirations.

The way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.

You always know how to make me smile, even when I don’t want to.

You are a great problem solver and very patient with me.

You make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world.

You have an amazing sense of direction, especially when we’re driving somewhere new.

You are very good at problem solving, especially when we’re facing a crisis or challenge as a couple.

You are very supportive of my friends and family, even when they can be a pain sometimes.

The way you can make me feel better just by holding me in your arms.

I am so blessed to have you in my life.

You are someone I can count on when times get tough, and you never let me down. You always keep your promises to me.

Your smile brightens up my day, even if it is just for a moment.

I love watching our favourite movie together.

love wall lettering

I love you because you are my best friend, lover, confidant, and now…my wife/husband.

I love you so much for always helping me whenever I need it most.

I love how your mere presence can lift up my spirits when sadness sets in.

I love you because you were there to support me through everything life brought our way, and I will always be here for you.

The way you will always hold my hand when we’re walking down the street, even if no one is looking.

You are thoughtful and always remember to do the sweet little things.

The way you will run to me when I come home from a long day at work to give me a big hug and kiss because you missed me.

I love you because you are my rock, my foundation, and I know that no matter what life throws at us we can weather it together as one.

I love you for always being there to support me.

You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I hope that someday all of your dreams come true just as mine have with you by my side.

I love how you love me unconditionally.

You give me a chance at our happily ever.

I love you because you keep me safe.

I can be myself around you…no matter what.

You still try to impress me.

I love how you are always checking in on me to make sure I am ok.

I love that you love my family and friends like they were your own.

I love how you make our home a cosy and warm place to be.

reasons why I love you print

The way you kiss me.

I love you because you never stop trying to make me happy.

I love holding hands with you.

You are always there for me, even when I didn’t ask for it.

I love how your cologne/perfume lingers after you have left.

I love how proud you are of me.

The way you look at me sometimes makes me think you can see right through my soul.

I love how I find it impossible to stifle a smile when I am around you.

You always know just what to say to help me feel better after a bad day.

You always let me know how much you appreciate me and all that I do.

You are very creative and artistic

You are very good at making decisions and seeing the big picture, especially when it comes to our family’s future.

You have an amazing sense of style and always look so handsome.

You are very good at working with your hands and fixing things.

Your ability to make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you look at me with your eyes full of love

You are very good at protecting me and keeping me safe.

You are very good at giving me your opinion on things without being pushy or bossy.

You let me know you’re always thinking about me.

Your ability to make me feel loved, wanted, and appreciated every day.

You have an amazing sense of humour

I love how you never give up on our friendship or relationship.

I love how our future is full of infinite possibilities.

40 reasons why we love you personalised print

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